«Walk through the Omsk fortress»

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An excursion tells about the beginning of the campaign Ivan Buchholz to Siberia. You will get to hear in detail how and why the first Omsk fortress was built. Tourists will recognize the prerequisites of the foundation of the fortress and the course of its construction, and also the first structures of the new fortress. The excursion includes sightseeing of buildings, that located on the territory of the historical and cultural complex (Barracks of the reserve battalion, Carts shed, Cash pantry, Tobolsk gates, Armory, Arsenal, Barracks of disciplinary companies, Engineering workshop, Kitchen dining room).Venue: Excursion bureau «Omsk Fortress» (Partizanskaya Street 5a)


Стоимость:300 rub. / 7 or more people, 400 rub./ 1-6 people

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